Remembering Dario

Today is a big day in our family as our youngest daughter Hollie is 18. We now officially don’t have any children left but she’ll always be my little girl!!

But today is also the anniversary of Dario’s death. A year today I remember the phone ringing while we were watching a birthday video with our family on the Sunday night and Debs asking me whether I’d heard that Dario had died while out in the hills.

Like lots of other friends it took quite a while to sink in and comprehend. We went away on holiday to Portugal a few days later and on one of our days out I had a phone call from a newspaper in Scotland asking me to share some of my thoughts of Dario.
Dario (far right) receiving a picture to celebrate organising 10 West Highland Way races in 2009
It seemed strange to be walking in the hills of Portugal talking about Dario and what he meant to me and the West Highland Way Race but in others ways it seemed fitting to be talking about
someone who loved to be out in the hills and who encouraged others to enjoy exercise and challenge themselves.
I finished reading Vicky’s report of her whw race last night and I know that Dario would have loved to have read that and many similar stories. ‘Ordinary’ folks achieving extra-ordinary feats. Dario loved to encourage us all and whether we finished first or last, achieved our goals or not he wanted to share in the experience with us.
Last year I thought we might miss the funeral but it was the day after we arrived back and Katrina & I were able to go. I’m so glad we didn’t miss it as it was a very special tribute to a very special man.
So as I go about my business today I’ll be thinking of Dario and the impact he had on my life and many others.
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1 Response to Remembering Dario

  1. Colin Knox says:

    Hi John…..I never had the good fortune to meet Dario…but from reading several peoples blogs he sounds like he was a top bloke who had the respect of the running community, especially those connected with the West Highland Way race. So id like to tip my hat to someone who seems to have captured the hearts of so many people.

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