Running in Thailand 2

Emma arrived safely yesterday morning at 4am!! after her overnight bus from Phuket. After a few hours sleep we were off at 7am on a day’s outing snorkling. We drove about two and hours in a mini van then after getting kitted out with lifejackets we set off on a 45min boat ride. We stopped at three different islands to watch the fish. It was an excellent day out and we all really enjoyed it.

Emma and I snorkling

By the time we got back to the hotel at 6pm we were ready for something to eat and bed! There was a downside though as all three us caught too much sun and are paying for it a bit now!! I had a Thai green curry last night which was nasty.

Emma and Katrina enjoying a meal

This morning I was up and out running by 6am. I decided to go the other way this time and run a rectangle block. I reckoned it would be about 6miles but I miscalulated and ran over 7.5miles. To be honest it was really, really hard. I made a bad mistake by not taking any water with me and by about 3miles I was struggling big time. My sunburnt was sore, I was dehydrated and it felt like I did at Bridge of Orchy in the whw race after 60miles!

I’m sad (and ashamed??) to report I had to walk for a bit as I ran out of energy! I won’t make that mistake again and I’ll make sure I take some water with me when I run.

Today we have an easier day planned as we are moving accommodation to the Juniper Tree, which is a guest house for missionaries working in Asia. We have had links with the Juniper Tree from our Bangladesh and India days and we were keen to stay there. They didn’t have room until today.

We might hire some kayaks this afternoon and have a paddle across to Monkey Island, as well as having a swim and relaxing. It’s all good on paradise island!!

Wed 21st July Run details
7.58miles in 1hr 11mins 43secs (9.28pace!!)

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3 Responses to Running in Thailand 2

  1. You're on holiday, JK. You're allowed to walk.

    Sounds like you're having quite an adventure. Careful in that sun though. Tut tut.

    Say hi to Emma and Katrina for me.

  2. Johann says:

    Sounds like you're having a great time. Careful with the sun. Enjoy your running there.

  3. Lee Maclean says:

    “I'm sad (and ashamed??) to report I had to walk”

    You're on your holidays man, give yourself a break 😉

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