Running in Thailand 3

I had a much better run this morning! I was up and out before 6am. I had a good drink of water before I left and took a bottle of water with me. I felt so much better right from the start.

I don’t think I realised just how much the sunburnt took out of me on Wednesday’s run. Looking back I was struggling right from the start and the wise thing would have been to do a shorter run but we runners are not often the most wise!

Anyway it was really good to be running the whole way today and finish feeling good … very hot but good!

We had a really good day yesterday. Katrina and Emma went for a run at 6am. Then after breakfast we hired a couple of bikes for the morning and went for a ride. We basically did the circuit I ran on Wednesday finishing at Dolphin Bay Resort for a swim and ice cream.

There were only 2 bikes so we took turns sitting on the back!

Katrina and Emma with our top of the range road bikes

Katrina enjoying the ride

This way round didn’t last too long!!!

After a rest in the afternoon we headed into Huan Hin about 3.30pm with a group from the guest house. Emma bought her bus ticket back to Phuket and then we did some shopping in a posh air conditioned shopping centre. Well to be precise Katrina and Emma did some shopping while I bought a map of Thailand and a book and started reading it!

We then had something to eat before heading over to the night market where we had a good look around. We bought a game called Kalaha which Emma has played in Indonesia. Emma and I also bought a key ring with our names on!! Plus some lovely fruit to munch.

Katrina and Emma checking out some silk scalfs.

Once we arrived back at the Juniper Tree we played our Kalaha game for a bit before heading to bed to read!

Today Emma heads back to Phuket and then flies back to Indonesia on Sunday. Katrina and I are heading into Bangkok for a night before catching the 8.30am train to Chiang Mai tomorrow.

So next run and report from Chiag Mai!!

Fri 23rd July Run Details
6.06miles in 46mins 59secs (7.45pace)

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1 Response to Running in Thailand 3

  1. Johann says:

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Be safe with the heat and sun. Lots of water sounds like the answer.

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