Running in Thailand 4

We spent the last two days travelling from Dolphin Bay to Chiang Mai. On Friday we took a mini van with an American family to Bangkok. They work in Afghanistan so it was really interesting to hear about their work.
We stayed the night in a seedy hotel (it looked a lot better on the internet!!). Then yesterday (Saturday) we took the VIP luxury coach (picture below) to Chiang Mai. It was due to leave at 9.15am, eventually got going at 10.30am. We drove for 15mins then switched buses and arrived in Chiang Mai at 9pm.

It was a very smooth journey. We stopped for lunch half way along and we enjoyed seeing something of the countryside. I also read another Jeffrey Archer book, ‘A prisoner of Birth’ which kept me entertained.
We are stayng with our friends Peter and Annette who we worked with at Hebron School in India 15years ago. It’s great to be able to catch up with them. They have various things lined up for us to do and see over the next three days so that should be fun.
This morning I was up and out just after 6am and I decided to play safe and run 3miles out and 3miles back so I wouldn’t get lost! I ran along the river part of the way. I remembered to take my water bottle and drank regularly which helped.
Road in Chiang Mai that I ran down
I was checking the results of the Lakeland 100 and was pleased to see that Stuart Mills won. The last I looked Andy Cole was still going well. I look forward to reading how it all went.
Right we’re of to explore Chiang Mai.
6.06miles in 49mins 53secs (8.15pace)
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1 Response to Running in Thailand 4

  1. Runtheline says:

    How on earth did you manage to run in Thailand at this time of the year!? I tried to run a few times whilst I was there a few weeks ago and it was so hot that I only managed ten minutes before I had to turn back and amble home with a very empty water bottle!

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