Running in Thailand 5

On Sunday Peter & Annette showed us round Chiang Mai in their car and then we ended up at a handicraft town about 30mins away. We had a good time wandering round the stalls and having some lunch.
In the afternoon we went to their church service at the Chiang Mai Community Church. It was good to see where they work and worship. In the evening we enjoyed the Sunday walking market. It was very, very busy with Thais and tourists alike.
Yesterday (Monday) we did some shopping in Chiang Mai and then after lunch Peter & Annette took us up the hill to the Buddhist Temple which overlooks Chiang Mai.

Enjoying one our of many meals out with Peter & Annette

Katrina & I at the bottom of the steps about to climb up to the Buddhist Temple.

Chiang Mai from the Buddhist Temple.
This morning I was up and out by 6am again for my run. It rained really heavily over night but had stopped by the time I set out. Today I decided to run round the mote that goes round the inner city. The original Chiang Mai is within the mote which is a perfect square of 1mile lengths.
It was just over a mile and a half from Peter & Annette’s house to the mote then the four miles round the four sides and the mile back. Perfect. I really enjoyed seeing the city as I ran round. There was lots going on even between 6-7am. You can see the route here. Click on the map tab.
After breakfast we are off on an elephant ride which also involves a river raft and a bullock cart. Photos to come!! Then tomorrow we catch a minibus to Pai which about hrs away. We are staying there for a week and hope to do a 2-3 day trek.
7.39miles in 57mins 16mins (7.45pace)
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1 Response to Running in Thailand 5

  1. Leah B. says:

    Looks like you are having fun with your travels! These pictures are great. I look foward to following you and your running adventures!

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