Running in Thailand 6

On Tuesday we had a trip to an elephant camp where we had a ride on an elephant and then watched the elephant show.

The show was good fun with the elephants performing various tricks such as playing football and darts. Not quite sure what animal rights folks would think of it all but the elephants seem well looked after and fed.
The highlight of the show was the painting. When I saw the easels being set up I assumed it would be a few lines of paint splashed across the paper. But no there were five elephants painting amazing picture. Here is one of the pictures below ….

We were going to go on a raft but the overnight rain meant that the river was too fast which was a shame. So we visited an orchid farm instead (not quite as exciting!). We also had a lovely lunch at the Tiger Kingdom.
There were some snakes around and our driver/guide drapped one round Katrina …..
Yesterday we left our friends Peter and Annette and took a minivan to Pai. It was a 4hr drive over the hills. The views and area is stunning. We hired a scooter and looked around for somewhere to stay. We decided to spoil ourselves and book into the Yoma Hotel for three nights.
The room is lovely and the views from our window amazing. We are doing a 2 day trek on Saturday/Sunday.
This morning I set off for my run around Pai. I feel I’m running okay but happy to just get out and do some miles rather than really try and push the pace. I finished very wet through the sweat! There is a pool at the hotel so I went for a swim to cool down.
You can see my route my clicking on the link below. Today we are going to explore the area on our scooter!!
6.27miles in 50mins 01secs (7.59pace)
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3 Responses to Running in Thailand 6

  1. Johann says:

    Not many people will push through with training on a trip like that. Doing some miles is great, but the rest will be good for you. Have a great time!

  2. Runtheline says:

    I was wondering how you managed to run in 40 degree heat! I was going to try and grab a few runs at 6am like you did but I could just never dig my self out of bed before it heated up too much!

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday and make sure you don't forget your water again lol.

  3. Katrina doesn't look at all nervous!

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