Running and trekking in Thailand

We really enjoyed our two day trek on Saturday and Sunday. As you can imagine I took loads of photos and video clips and plan to amke a short video diary of the trek.
Basically we walked 5.71miles in 5hrs 39mins (including all the stops) on Saturday. The route was mainly in the jungle, through th trees. Lots of ups and downs slipping and sliding. Our guide Preesha was excellent and kept saying what good walkers we were! Most tourists take a lot longer and he couldn’t believe we were 50 & 51!!!
Overnight we stayed in his house in a Karen village. It was really interesting to watch what was going on and experience the whole thing.
On Sunday we walked 7.22miles in 4hrs 41mins. It was easier going but again a really good walk. We went through a Lahu village where Preesha’s sister lived. We had lunch with a group from Preesha’s Karen village at their rice field.
Here are some photos but lots more to come!!

For our last three nights in Pia we are staying in the Hot Spring Spar resort. There are some natural hot springs nearby and they feed into the hotel. We are looking for ward to relaxing in the hot springs.
This morning I was up and out again by 6am for a run. It took me the first mile or so to get going but I ran well and finished strong. I ran out to another village, did a loop around the village and then ran back.
Finally watch out for Laura & Josh’s programme on Channel 4 which features their wedding and their first year of marriage. It’s on Wednesday (4th August) 9pm and it’s called, ‘Newlyweds: The One Year Itch.’ We’ll still be away so if you watch it let us know what you think??
6.30 in 50mins 06secs (7.58pace)
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2 Responses to Running and trekking in Thailand

  1. How many time did you tell Preesha about the West Highland Way Race? 🙂

    I'll be sure to watch out for Laura on Wednesday night.

  2. I've just seen the trailor for Newlyweds!!

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