Running in Thailand 8

We’ve had a really good last two days in Pia. We are staying at the Hot Springs Spar Resort which is about 5-6miles out of Pia. Here is a picture of our room. As it’s the low season (rainy) the prices are really low so we are staying in a really nice resort!

It rained quite heavily yesterday (Tuesday) morning so we got to try out the latest in rain wear at this time of year in Pia!! I’m not sure it will look quite so good on my Yamaha Faser!!
In the afternoon it brightened up a lot so we visited another waterfall at Pam Bok. It was well worth the ride and walk. Here is Katrina carefully crossing the wooden bridge!
We visited our favourite restaurant last night (picture below). The food is superb here and presented so well. We were both pretty stuffed by the end.
This morning I was up and out before 6am for my run. I did the same run as Monday but went the other way round the village on the loop. I decided to try and work a bit harder this morning and aim for 7.45 average pace.
After the first half mile I started to push a bit but not too hard. I reached half way at 7.58pace and then pushed all the downhills and flats parts on the way back and tried to work hard on the up hills! I was pleased to see that I finished at 7.41pace. So I was over 90secs faster than Monday.
We are catching the minivan back to Chiang Mai at 12.30pm today. We have a couple of days in Chiang Mai before taking the overnight train to Bangkok on Friday night. Then we fly home Sunday leaving at 15mins past midnight and arriving in Glasgow at 1.40pm via Helsinki and Heathrow.
Remember Laura & Josh’s TV debut is on tonight …. 9pm Channel 4. If anyone wants to let us know what it was like we’d be very grateful! Please email and we will pick it up when we wake up on Thursday morning. Thanks!
6.31miles in 48mins 28secs (7.41pace)
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2 Responses to Running in Thailand 8

  1. Johann says:

    You are certainly keeping busy. I find it very satisfying if I can get some runs in while on vacation.

  2. Enjoy your last few days.

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