Running in Thailand 9

We are now back in Chiang Mai. We travelled on Wednesday by minivan. It rained quite a bit of the journey. We are staying in a lovely guest house for 2 nights with a great pool …..

In the evening we went round to Peter & Annette’s for a meal and met their son Chris and his wife Lee and their two children Grace and Lucy. Chris was 15 when they left Hebron so it was great to see him with his family. Chris & Lee visited us in Paisley in 2002 but we’ve not seen their girls. They are working in Japan and came to Thailand to escape the heat! I even got to read Grace a bed time story.

We also met Annette’s neice Elisabeth, who has come out from New Zealand for 6months to work in the local International School. We last saw Elisabeth when she was 3 when we left Hebron as her parents Dennis & Neccia were also teachers at the school.

Yesterday (Thursday) we hired push bikes and headed into Chiang Mai for some presents for us and family. I ended up buying a new small rucksack – a North Cape to replace my Reebok one that Katrina has never liked!

We stopped of for a cool refreshing drink of iced fruit tea. Lovely …

In the afternoon we went to visit a family who we know from our Leicester days. We’ve not seen them for 10yrs so it was good to spend time with them and catch up with what they have been doing!

We’ve had such a great holiday with lots of highlights (trekking, snorkling, elephant ride, shopping, eating, sightseeing etc) but basically we’ve both enjoyed spending time together and meeting lots of new and old friends. It’s been a real treat.

This morning I was up and out by 6am (recurring sentence that one!) for my final run in Thailand. I really fancied doing the mote run again. I decided to do a 4 mile tempo run around the mote. So I used the 1.27miles to the mote as a warm up, push the 4mile run around the mote aiming for around 7.15pace or better and then use the return run as recovery.

The first mile (north side) I did in 7.22, then the east side I ran in 7.08, the south side in 6.55 and the final west side in 6.59 which averages at 7.07pace so I was pleased with that. Once I was back Katrina joined me for a before breakfast swim.

This afternoon we jump on the overnight train to Bangkok leaving at 4.30pm. We’ll arrive in the captial at 6.30am. We’ve planned to leave our luggage at the train station, then spent the day looking around Bangkok before heading to the airport in time for our 00.15 flight to Helskini, then Heathrow then Glasgow. If all goes to plan we should arrive home at 1.40pm. I just hope the girls have cleaned the house in time for Katrina getting home!!!!

So we’ll be in Bangkok as the Devil o’ the Highlands Race starts. I wish everyone who is running a great race. Hope the weather is kind and you all achieve your personal goals. I look forward to hearing all about it!

Fri 6th Aug Run Details
6.54miles in 49mins 47secs
4mile tempo in 28mins 25secs (7.07pace)

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1 Response to Running in Thailand 9

  1. Brian Mc says:

    Looks like a lovely pool and what a holiday! Great fun by the sounds of things.

    Cheers for your comment on my blog. I'll be sad to say goodbye to UK ultra running. I've enjoyed getting to know you and the rest of the community. I'll keep in touch via blog as an Aussie branch of the Family. 🙂

    Strangely enough given your holiday location the word verification for this comment is flymai.

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