Great company for my run on the Braes

On Friday night I had an email from Dave Troman saying that he and Tracey were coming up to Scotland for a few days holiday and would it be possible to call in and go for a run together on Sunday afternoon.

I’ve only met Dave over the whw weekend but we’ve corresponded quite a bit after Dave found my blog as he prepared to run the whw this year. He set out to run sub 20hrs and so was very interested in my splits and times.
Dave had a great race in difficult hot conditions and finished in 20hrs 20mins 59secs for 15th place. So he is keen to try again next year to get under the magic 2ohrs. We have been trying to meet up for a run and a chat since the race and so I was really pleased when Dave suggested today’s run.
After a light lunch we set off just before 2pm.
Dave & I about to set off from our house
I decided to take him on my regular off road run on the Braes. The weather was superb and we had such a great run together. We spent the whole of the run chatting about all sorts of things but particularly our running and plans. Dave comes from a very different running background to me having competed to a very high standard in orienteering, then hill running and 2 day mountain marathon.
Dave was leading the OMM two years ago when the event was called off due to the bad weather. Dave said he was so angry at the way the event was reported in the press that he couldn’t watch the TV news for a fortnight.
So it was very interesting to listen to how Dave approached the whw race given his running background. I learnt a lot and we hope to do some more training runs together next year. I’m thinking seriously of entering the Lakeland 50 or 100 next year so Dave has very kindly offered somewhere to stay if I want to come down and recce the route. Thanks Dave.
Dave at the highest point of the run with Ben Lomond in the background
The time flew by and I was quite surprised to see that we’d averaged 9.13pace. I normally run that route between 9.45-10.00min miles. I could feel my foot but as we were running on softer ground it wasn’t anywhere near as sore. We have a very similar approach to our running (lots of spreadsheets and splits!!) so it was definitely a meeting of like minds.
12.51miles in 1hr 55mins 14secs (9.13pace)
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