Striving for 5miles

This was my second week back on a Monday night for our club fartlek session. Every week the session is slightly different. This week for example it was two sets of 2min, 2min, 3min, 3min, 5min. But whatever the session the total always add up to 30mins.

I try and aim to run at least 5miles for the 30mins. Before I had a Garmin it was impossible to know quite how far I ran but since I’ve been using the 205 the figures don’t lie. It is really helpful as I might think I was getting quicker (or slower) but having the distances helps to see just how hard I worked.

Aiming for the 5miles is a bit dependant on the session. For example if there are longer runs of over 6mins it’s a lot harder whereas lots of 2-3min runs makes it easier. Tonight’s session made the 5mile mark a realistic target to go for.

Even though I’m running the Marymass 10k on Wednesday I decided to go for it tonight and work as hard as I could. I’m not quite in good 10k shape at the moment so it won’t make that much difference either way.

There was a good turnout tonight despite the wet weather. Young Callum was taking things a bit easier tonight but was still running strongly. I started each run just behind the main group but ahead of Donald, James and John McL so giving them someone to chase which they did.

I felt a lot better than last week and my foot seemed okay on the run. Now as I write this up it is pretty sore again! I think tomorrow I’ll either rest it completely or go for a very easy 3miles on the grass at lunchtime.

Here are the distances I ran for each effort ….

So I didn’t quite make the 5miles but I’m getting closer.
If you haven’t read Dave Waterman’s parallel universe to me then I’d recommend a look.
Mon 16th Aug Run Details
9.44miles in 1hr 14mins 56secs
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1 Response to Striving for 5miles

  1. Johann says:

    That's impressive speedwork for an ultra runner like you. I hope to get some type of speed workouts in towards the end of the year. For now I'm concentrating on distance and strength mainly.

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