SUMS update

My foot was quite sore after last night’s fartlek session so I decided to take it easy and just run 3miles or so on the grass at Bellahouston Park at lunchtime today. I’m hoping that my foot will feel okay-ish to run the Marymass 10k tomorrow night.

It didn’t seem too bad when I was running but was sore afterwards. Sorry if all you are reading about is my sore foot! So onto something else …

Tim has updated the SUMS scores after the Devil o’ the Highlands Race. It is all looking very interesting with Marco leading the overall competition but the competition that affects me is the one I’m really interested in!!

Here are the results so far for the Male Super Vet category (over 50) with 2 races to go (double click on the picture to see it more clearly) …

John Kennedy has already won the MSV. I must admit I didn’t realise John was a MSV until fairly recently! He is over 600 points ahead of me and I only have one race left and since the maximum is 500 points he is safe from me and everyone else I think.

But the battle for 2nd and 3rd is very much alive. Alan Robertson is currently in 2nd place but he has run 4 races to my 3 so hopefully I’ll overtake him (I’m 134pts behind). The real danger to my 2nd place comes from Bill Hutchison.

Bill has only completed two races so far and is 340 pts behind me. Bill has entered the last two races, the Speyside and the RAW. Bill has scored 405pts (Stride) and 408pts (Devils) so if he scores a similar amount in the Speyside he’ll be at least 60pts ahead of me going into the RAW which we are both doing.

That would mean I’d have to beat Bill by about 6-7 places which would be very difficult but you never know. There are lots of things that could happen. It will be fun to see how it works out.

The other person who could catch me is Bob Allison who has 804 pts after two races but I don’t think he has entered the last two.

I wonder what the equivilant would be in my parallel universe???

Tues 17th Run Details
3.08miles in 27mins 31secs (8.51pace)

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2 Responses to SUMS update

  1. Looks great.
    I wonder how it would have looked if you hadn't done the Hardmoors race??

  2. "e Brutto" says:

    Hi John
    From following the WHWayfarers blogs you are the spreadsheet and plans guru.
    I am running the Fling next year and need a schedule.
    A lazy runner usually one low mileage ultra a year.
    Not a MSV yet so no direct competition.

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