Marymass 10k Report

I’ve run this race for the last 3 years as it seems to fit in well with other things I’m training for.

I’ve had some decent times on this course and today I found out why …. the course was slightly short in previous years! For the race this year they have remeasured it and they added the missing 150 yards after the first kilometre or so.

There were a good group of us from Kilbarchan running plus Katrina. We’d given John McL a lift and had chatted all the way down about training/running/races etc which probably didn’t help Katrina stay relaxed!

John McL & I before the race
I was still quite concerned about my foot as it has been quite sore since Monday night. I took the sensible option (?!) and took an ibruprofen before the race to dull the pain. It worked to a degree as I didn’t feel it much during the run!

Before the race I thought I’d be happy with anything around 40mins, hopefully just under. I had my Garmin watch set on km splits and knew I’d need to be around 4mins a km to make it.

I could see John McL about 50yards ahead for the first 3-4 k but then he pushed on, finishing in a very credible 39mins 12secs.
I felt I was running okay but found it hard to keep the pace going right through the 10k. I was well inside my target for the first 3k but then struggled a bit before finishing fairly strongly for a time of 40mins 24secs. So not too bad considering where I’m at training wise.
We are running the Paisley the 10k so I’ll aim to go under 40mins for that one. Katrina had a good run finishing in 55mins 15secs.
The rest of the guys from Kilbarchan all seemed happy enough with their runs.

Wed 18th Aug Run Details
10k race – 40mins 24secs
overall 9.23miles

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1 Response to Marymass 10k Report

  1. Johann says:

    You all did very well, congratulations! 40mins is fast in my books! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that takes ibruprofen before a run sometimes…!?

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