Feeling a bit more positive

I was quite surpised when I woke up this morning to discover my foot didn’t feel quite so bad. Throughout the day I kept pressing on it and while I can still feel it I decided to go to the club and test it out on our weekly Fartlek session.

Thanks for those who left comments about my foot. I’ll be interested to see what Richard, the physio, says. Jo, my daughter, who has just qualified as a physio, had a look at it yesterday. She says that it looks like there is some inflamation between the toes as there is not a lot of mobility. There is no obvious brusing or swelling but I can’t really curl my toes. It feels like the joints are fused together somehow.

Jo is going to come with me on Wednesday so if Richard suggests any exercises/manipulation she can do it! I knew it was a good idea when Jo wanted to train as a physio!

So I set off on the session tonight slightly apprehensive as to whether I should be there or not but once I got going it eased off to a managable pain and I just got on with it! This week I have the Paisley 10k on Sunday and then I’ll give the Fartlek sessions a break until after the RAW.

Another interesting session tonight with 2 x 4min, 3 x 3min, 4 x 2min and 5 x 1min. I pushed as hard as I could but took it a bit easier on the 5 x 1min. I’m always a bit cautious with the 1min runs as it’s easy to pull something.

Anyway here are my distances ….
I was quite happy with this tonight as I felt pretty strong right through the session. Hopefully my foot will be okay tomorrow!

I eventually found the results of the Leadville 100 mile race on the internet. Anton didn’t finish so not sure what happened to him.

This weekend is the UTMB and other races. A number of whw ‘family’ are there competing including Jez, Richie, Andy, Thomas & Silke and others going to savour the atmosphere including Marco & Debs and Sharon. I’m looking forward to following the action on the excellent race web site.

Last year they had a superb online results service where you could see split times as they went along. So I’m sure they’ll have something similar this year.

Tomorrow Emma, another of our four daughters, is home from Indonesia. She has been there for 10weeks over the summer working in an orphanage. We saw her for a few days when we were in Thailand but it will be great to find out how it all went.

Mon 23rd Aug Run Details

9.34miles in 1hr 15mins 50secs
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