Easy run home

I woke this morning with my foot hurting. I took my gear into work with three options …

1. running at lunchtime -3miles or so
2. running home – 6miles
3. not running at all – 0miles

I didn’t feel ready to run at lunchtime but by the time it came to going home I decided it wasn’t any worse than it has been so I ran home. It wasn’t too bad but it’s getting to the stage where it’s taking the fun out of running!

I’m aware that I lot of my posts at the moment are about my foot and I apologise if you are fed up with a daily progress report but ever since I set up this blog I’ve tried to be honest with how my running is going and what I’m learning and I’m afraid my foot is at the front of my thoughts.

Last night at the club a couple of friends seemed surprised to see me and I could see they are questioning my decision to keep running and they may well be right. I feel caught in a dilemna in that if I rest before the RAW race I won’t have done the training I wanted to do for the race.

So I might as well keep running and hope that the foot allows me to train and do the race. I’m trying to be sensible but I’m working on the principle if it’s not getting any worse then I’ll keep going.

Once I see Richard tomorrow maybe I’ll have to reasses the situation and accept that I need to get it sorted asap so I’m ready to start my ultra training in January for next year’s races.

Anton Krupicka has written up his Leadville Race report. It makes very interesting reading. It is good to see what it like at the front end of an ultra race even when things don’t go to plan.

I’m looking forward to following the various races over the weekend in the UTMB. I’ve set up a spreadsheet to keep track of those I know who are running. I plan to update it on the whw forum as the weekend unfolds.

Here is a list of friends who are doing the race …

Tues 24th Aug Run Details
6.03miles 48mins 24secs (8.02pace)

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1 Response to Easy run home

  1. Chris says:


    I read this blog every day and enjoy the detail you give of your training. Just looking back over the last few weeks all that jumps out is “FOOT”. Is it wise to keep running on something that is so obviously injured? It is sore for a reason.

    I know you are want to do the River Ayr one, but is it really that important? I love your commitment to your running but with this injury it seems like that commitment is clouding your judgement?

    I hope this doesn't come across as too critical – I just want you to be well, fit and have fun. But from the perspective of a relatively objective observer I'd think it better to get injuries looked at and treated as soon as they show up – even if that treatment is simple rest. You give your body a lot of work to do – arguably more than is “healthy”. Rest is OK. Think Sabbath.

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