Watching the Paisley 10k

It felt strange this morning waking up and not getting ready to run the Paisley 10k. For a brief moment I did consider it but then realised my foot is still sore and it wouldn’t be much fun!
So I took on the role of supporter and chief video producer. I met a number of Kilbarchan friends who were running plus Lindsay McNeil who I’d worked with last year. Plus I saw Hayley and her new baby.
I decided since I’m not running to take a video of the start and as many as I could finishing.
I’ve put all the 5 videos on our Kilbarchan club web site plus youtube if you want to see them.
Katrina and Emma both had really good runs despite starting right at the very back of the race at the start. Katrina finished in 53mins 45secs and Emma 56mins 05secs.
Here is a picture of them before and after the race …

Like many others I enjoyed following the UTMB and CCC races. If you haven’t heard the UTMB was stopped after about 3hrs due to extreme weather. The following morning a new race was started on the CCC course for all those who wanted to run who had entered the UTMB/TDS.
Jez Bragg won the new race and a good number of whw family had really good runs. Here is a summary of their results ….
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