Some good news

Today is our 25th Wedding Anniversary!

We married in Derby on Saturday 31st August 1985. Here are a couple of pictures of what we looked like all those years ago ….

Tonight we are having a family meal at home cooked by our girls!
This morning I had an appointment with my doctor and a physio and I hoping to get a better idea of what’s up with my foot and the best way forward. It was really helpful.

Thankfully I don’t visit my doctor very often. My last visit was 2 years ago (again regarding my foot!) and so I was impressed that Doctor Patel remembered me and asked how my ultra running is going! I don’t suppose he sees too many people who run the whw race.

Anyway he had a really good look at and feel of my foot and reckons that it the same problem I had two years ago but that the pain has shifted from the 1st metatarsal to the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal.

He suggests that I get some new insoles made which will cushion and support the toes. So I emailed Richard at the RAH to see if he can make an appointment for me. He replied back later in the day suggesting I contact the surgical department and see if I can get an appointment as a returning patient. So I’ll be on to that tomorrow.

Dr Patel also said I could take a course of ibuprofen which might help in the short term.
Regarding the bunion he feels that this is a separate problem and until it becomes really sore suggests that I leave off having an operation as it would put me out of action for a number of weeks.

I’d also made an appointment with Kath Carswell at Newlands Physiotherapy. Kath was really helpful and once she asked lots of questions about my running examined my gait. She asked me to balance on one foot at a time and looked at me from the front and back.

Then I lay on the couch and she examined my foot in more detail. As she moved my toes it is pretty clear that my big toe mobility on my right foot is a lot less than the left foot. Kath suggests I try and wiggle my toe regularly to keep it from seizing up. Kath suggested doing it while I watch TV but I can’t see Katrina being too keen on that!

Kath showed me how my toes are taking the impact of my running and she agreed that I need some new insoles to help take the pressure of my toes. In the short term she has put some cushioning on my present insoles which hopefully will help.

Kath also gave me some acupunture to help with the pain. She put three needles on the top of my foot and three underneath. I was surprised how little it hurt. Just a slight prick. I could feel my foot tingling a bit so hopefully was doing some good.

I asked Kath whether she felt that I should/could run the RAW. She didn’t see any reasons why I couldn’t as long as I was sensible and if the support takes the pressure of my toes.

Kath told me the medical term for my injury (she even wrote it down for me!) – Meta Tarsalgia.

I looked it up on google and came up this ….

Definition of Metatarsalgia
Metatarsalgia, a form of neuralgia, is an inflammation of the nerve that runs between the third and the fourth metatarsal (foot) bones.

Description of Metatarsalgia
Metatarsalgia is caused by the compression of a small toe nerve between two displaced metatarsal bones. Inflammation occurs when the head of one displaced metatarsal bone presses against another and they catch the nerve between them. With every step, the nerve is pushed together by the bones and then rubbed, pressed again, and irritated without relief. Consequently, the surrounding nerve tissue becomes enlarged, with a sheath of scar tissue that forms to protect the nerve fibers.
Metatarsalgia really covers a group of foot disorders. The classic symptom is pain in the front (ball) of the foot. Many people say that it is “like walking on pebbles,” but x-rays usually show nothing irregular.

The problem affects males and females from adolescents to older adults. It is most common in middle-aged women.

That seems to describe my pain. Kath also suggested I see a Chiropodist as it can really help battered feet. So I might well do that.
So thanks to Dr Patel and Kath I’ll be running again. So I’ve decided to run every other day and stay on the grass and see how it goes.
I feel a lot more positive about it all now and hopefully I’ll be able to run the RAW and finish off the SUM series.
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6 Responses to Some good news

  1. Thomas says:

    Congratulations on your jubilee anniversary! You have only changed a tiny little bit since those photos.

    Things seem to be looking up. Good luck for making the last ultra.

  2. kate says:

    happy anniversary to you both, have a lovely evening.

    …metatarsal's crossed for you 😉

  3. karinsmiles says:

    Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary, your recent posts show you're both still smiling as brightly. It's great news about your foot. I'm looking forward to RAW to round off the year and I hope I can come and say hello at the start.

  4. Grellan says:

    Good to get the diagnosis John. I thought I had metatarsalgia once – the pain was exactly as described in the ball of the foot, thankfully whatever it was it didn't last long.

    Happy anniversary – you haven't changed a bit in 25 years, except for………..

  5. Johann says:

    Happy Anniversary! 25 years is a great milestone. Glad to hear nothing too serious with your foot.

  6. Great wedding photos. Not so great feet pictures though 😉 You guys haven't changed a bit. Well, with the exception of the hair dos.

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