SUMS update with one race to go

I decided to stay on the grass again today. I ran round Brodie Park in the early evening. I did my normal four laps all between 8mins 36secs and 8mins 46secs for the 1.08mile loop.

I’ve been able to get an appointment at RAH in Paisley for next Thursday to get new insoles made. I feared I might have to go through the whole process of waiting to get a NHS physio appointment again but thankfully as a returning patient I got an appointment straight away.

I’ve been able to find someone to run with on Sunday. Ross & I are going to meet at the Citadel Leisure Centre in Ayr at 7.30am. We’ll leave one car there and drive back to Catrine. Then we’ll run the 20 or so miles back to Ayr along the RAW route. Once we’ve arrived back in Ayr we’ll drive back to Catrine and head home. Sorted.

Ross did the race last year but reckons he got lost a few times so hopefully we’ll be able to find our way. I’ve downloaded all Tim’s maps from the RAW web site, laminated them and tied them together so I’m ready.

Now that the RAW is back on I’ve been taking a bit more interest in how the SUMS results are going with a race to go.

It looks very exciting at the top end of each category.

In the overall male competition Jack Brown is just 2pts ahead of Grant Jeans. They have both run four races and are both running the RAW race. In the tables below those who are highlighted in yellow are running the RAW race.

I reckon if Grant beats Jack then he should be champion unless they both finish down the field.

Marco is safe in 3rd place as even if John McLaughlin wins the race he won’t have enough points to catch him.

Here are the results with one race to go ….

The Female overall competition is also close. Sharon Law is leading but Lucy Colquhoun is favourite as she only needs to score 316pts in her fourth race. They are both running the RAW. I don’t think anyone can catch Sharon for 2nd. Debs will need to score 467pts to catch Jamie Aarons to take 3rd place. I reckon that means she’ll have to finish 7th or better.

In the Male Super Vets. It’s also close-ish for 2nd/3rd. John Kennedy is well out in front and has the competition sown up with a race to go no matter what happens.

Bill Hutchison is favourite for 2nd place. I’m 35pts behind Bill. So by my estimate I would need to beat Bill by at least 7 places, maybe more, depending on how many of the 79 entered runners actually start and finish. I need to score at least 134 pts to move into 3rd place.

There has been some discussion about the SUM series, whether it encourages people to do too many races, but from my perspective I think it’s been a great competition and has meant that all nine races have had more people taking part.
I’m going to rest Friday/Saturday before my recce run on Sunday. So I’d like to wish all those taking part in various races over the weekend all the best.
A special mention to Ian Beattie who is running the Perth 24hr race which starts at 10am on Saturday. This will be Ian’s 500th race. What a great achievement. What’s even more impressive is that he has a spread sheet with every one of them listed!

Thurs 2nd Sept Run Details
5.54miles in 44mins 30secs

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