New Insoles

This morning I had my appointment at the RAH (Royal Alexandria Hospital) in Paisley to get a new pair of insoles made. I arrived in time and right on the dot was seen by Rachel. She explained that Sheena who has seen me in the past is on holiday.

Rachel asked a few questions about the previous insoles I’ve had made (this is my third pair) and looked at the state of the present ones (not good). She then examined my feet and gait and explained that I overpronate – ie my feet fall in to the middle rather than stand neutral.

This Rachel explained causes more pressure on my toes and hence the pain. Plus my bunion means I have less flexibility on the big toe of my right foot doesn’t help either.

I then walked up and down on the pressure pad and Rachel was able to see what was going on. She then compared my results to two years ago. Basically they produced a similar result but if anything a bit worse.

You can see from the computer screen below that my right foot sits at a different ankle to the left and the hot spots are in the wrong place.

You will not be surprised to know that I explained to Rachel that I run ultra marathons and when she heard this suggested I go for the ‘marathon carbon fibre insoles’. They sound great to me!! They are made of a shock absorber type material so should give me a boost when I run!!

So the next step was to make a mould of my feet so they can make the insoles a perfect fit. I asked Rachel would she mind taking a photo for my blog and she said, ‘I’ve never been asked to do this before!’ So thanks Rachel.

The insoles will take a few weeks to be made but I’m looking forward to getting them and trying them out. Last time they definitely made a big difference and I’m hoping they will do the trick this time as well.

So within a couple of weeks I’ve been able to get things moving and I feel a lot more optimistic about running pain free again sooner rather than later.

The guesses are coming in for my ‘Guess My Time’ competition. I now have 19 guesses ranging from 7hrs 22mins 17secs to 8hrs 14mins 44secs. No dnf’s yet!!

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2 Responses to New Insoles

  1. My guess is: Anytime behind me 🙂

  2. xtine says:

    Hi John,

    I'm impressed you were seen and fitted insoles so quickly! took me a good few months to get mine. How are you finding them so far? Have you been told to break them in gently? I don't think I did, and I'm having a lot of problems now. Too much to explain here but if you have time can you check my blog and give me a little advice please??



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