Tempo Run

My foot has been feeling a bit better over the last couple of days. Is it possible for some pain to be influenced by the mind? It’s almost as if now that I’ve done something about the pain in my foot my mind is happy that there is a solution coming and so is allowing me to run again.

Anyway whatever it is I set off today at lunchtime with the idea of doing my 6mile loop of Pollok Park. I would run on the grass whenever I could but the majority of the run was on the pavement.

I could feel my foot but it is the best it’s felt for a long time. I enjoyed the freedom of running freely and after 3miles or so glanced at my watch and realised I was running at 7.20pace. So I decided to push on and make it a tempo run!

I finished the 6.23miles in just over 45mins at an average pace of 7.15mins per mile. I was quite chuffed with myself and decided maybe I’m not as unfit as I feared. But 41miles is a different test of fitness and so we’ll see how that goes in just over a week.

My plan for the next week before the race is a 10miler on Sunday morning off road on the Braes and then an easy 3-4miles on Tuesday or Wednesday. That’s it. I can’t really do much about my fitness so it’s really just trying to do the best I can with where I’m at.

I’m really looking forward to the race. Now that I’ve run the second half and have a feel for the terrain and area it will be good to put it all together. There are over 80 entered so should be a good atmosphere. Plus in the evening we have the SUMS Gala Ball – not that I expect to be in a great shape to do too much!
6.32miles in 45mins 46secs (7.15pace)
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2 Responses to Tempo Run

  1. xtine says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your advice on my blog. I agree – I'm going to speak to the physio tomorrow morning and try to get it sorted. Just asking about online I have realised that my knee pain may be because I wore my insoles WITH my supportive shoes…so it's been suggested that I was being “over supported” and hence the pressure was going from my foot to the next impact point – my knee.

    Will let you know what I find out tomorrow anyway! I'm glad you're beginning to run easier now. Hope the rest of your race prep goes well.


  2. Richard says:

    John, very good luck with the RAW next weekend, you'll be fine. By the sound of it your foot is recovering well. Looking forward to hearing about your 2011 plans. Richard

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