Easy Run on the Braes

We had a great time at Hollie’s fund raising Ceilidh last night but by the time we’d cleared up, got home, had a shower, watched the highlights of the Everton vs Man Utd game (what a fight back from the Toffees!!!) it was 1pm.

So I decided to run in the afternoon rather than before church today. I also decided to take the car and drive up to Robertson’s Car Park thus avoiding the path and the hill – both of which I wanted to avoid.
I set off with the plan of running for at least an hour and see how I felt. The RAW race is less than a week away and I just wanted to have an easy run without putting too much pressure on my foot.
I did a figure of eight run twice, once in each direction. As I started off the weather was lovely but as the time I went on it got a bit colder. I ran for just over 7 and a half miles in 1hr 16mins. I was quite happy with that.
I feel pretty confident I’m going to finish the RAW but it may be a bit of a struggle. Once the race is over I’m going to have a few months of easy runs and drop the mileage until Christmas. Then from January I’ll be gearing up for next year’s ultra races.
I’m starting to think more seriously about my targets for 2011 but I’ll leave that for another post.
Reminder that you have until Friday 6pm if you want to join the 22 others who have entered my ‘Guess My Time‘ competition.
7.56miles in 1hr 16mins 32secs (10.08)
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2 Responses to Easy Run on the Braes

  1. Johann says:

    RAW is approaching fast now! Good luck and enjoy the last few days before race day. I've got my 2011 plans all sorted out, but first I must get through the rest of my 2010 goals. Remember, we have spring now with summer later so much running to do still this year.

  2. Think I might join you on the Braes sometime, if that's ok?

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