RAW ‘Guess My Time’ Entries

With 15hours to go before the start of the River Ayr Way Race my little competition is closed.

Here is a full list of the entries …..
(click here to download the pdf file)

I have 45 guesses which break down as follows …

Under 7hrs: 3 guesses
Between 7 hrs and 7hrs 30mins: 13 guesses
Between 7hrs 30mins and 8hrs: 21 guesses
Over 8hrs: 7 guesses
Plus 1 guess of dnf

For myself I’m really not sure! If I didn’t have a problem with my foot then I’d be aiming for under 7hrs but I really don’t know how it will hold up. As I’ve said the priority must be to finish so don’t expect me to be racing off too hard from the start.

If I can get to Catrine (20miles or so) in reasonable shape and in not too much pain then I can try and push on. Otherwise it may be a case of doing the best I can and making sure I get to the end.

The organisers sent a helpful email last week saying that there will be water, energy drinks, fruit etc at each checkpoint so I’ve decided to carry very little food and rely on what is available. It may backfire but I’m sure it will be fine.

Marco is my back up plan. He has kindly offered to take a bag for me and drop off anything I need along the way. This also means I need to be not too far behind Debs!
I’ll be leaving home about 6.30am to arrive in time to catch the bus from Ayr that the organiser’s have laid on for us. The race is due to start at 9am. Katrina is catching the train in the afternoon and plans to be at the Citadel Leisure Centre in time to see me finish.

The weather forecast is for a good day so hopefully I’ll not need to carry a waterproof with me. I will be taking my phone (to send updates) and my camera (so look out for photos and a video diary of the race!).

Feel free to text me (07905 218162) during the run if you’d like to encourage me. I’ll reply once the race is over.

Remember to log on to twitter, facebook or here to get up to date news. I plan to send a message at 10, 20, 30 miles as well as the finish.

For all those who are running tomorrow – I look forward to sharing the race with you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I plan to!

I’m also looking forward to the SUMS Gala Ball in the evening at Troon. It should be a great evening though I do wonder what state I’ll be in by then. I’ve got my ‘smart’ shoes to wear with my suit but if my feet are sore I may have to wear my trainers!!

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