Weekend in Liverpool

We had a really good holiday weekend. After my run with Katrina on Friday we spent the afternoon doing some shopping replacing our fridge and freezer.

On Saturday after my swimming lessons I quickly made my way to Clydebank for Jono’s stag go karting. There were 9 of us in our group and we joined with another group making 24 in total. To put it bluntly I was absolutely rubbish … finishing 24th after the 3 qualifying races.

Our group before the races began
I really enjoyed it but I just wasn’t competitive in the races. I couldn’t force myself to accelerate as much as I needed to. In my final race I did manage to stay with the 3 karts ahead of me for a lap or two!

Jono was 2nd after the qualifying rounds but got hit on the first bend of the final and his chance of a podium was over. Jono and the rest went off for a meal while I headed home and then to Liverpool for the rest of the weekend.

Jono ready for the final race

Katrina & I had a relaxing couple of days catching up with friends and visiting Liverpool One. We had planned to go for another run but went for a walk around Sefton Park instead.

So no running for a few days. To be honest I’m enjoying not being on a training schedule at the moment and running when and where I want to. I am spending time thinking about my race plans for next year and I think I’ve decided on what I’m going to do. Will post sometime next week. Our club’s, Kilbarchan AAC, agm is on Wednesday and then with Jo & Jono’s wedding on Saturday they are the priority at the moment!

Back in work today so decided to go for an easy run around Bellahouston Park at lunch time. I did 3 laps of my 1.56mile loop on the grass. I’m going to try and stay off the roads until I get my new insoles.

Finally congratulations to those who ran over the weekend. 31 started the Hardmoors race but only 11 finished as the weather was really tough. It’s a tough race anyway but bad weather would obviously make it even tougher.
Also well done to those running in the Tooting 24hr race round the track. I was really impressed with Vicky Hart who managed 100miles. An excellent performance.

Tues 28th Sept Run Details

5.18miles in 41mins 17secs
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1 Response to Weekend in Liverpool

  1. Vicky Hart says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the mention. Such a crazy tough race, but so glad I did it. Finally feel like I have had a good year now. (took soem doing I know ha ha).
    Thanks again.

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