Wedding Plans

I’ve taken a couple of days off to help with Jo & Jono’s wedding on Saturday. There is great excitement in the Kynaston household with cheesecakes and carrot cakes being made as well as sorting out table lists, favours etc etc

Jo & Jono
I’m working on my Father of the Bride speech. I’ve been looking through all our photos and have selected a good number to show. I hope I haven’t got too many! The weather is lovely today and the forecast for Saturday is good so that would be a bonus.
I’ll be putting some photos from the Wedding Day on Facebook if you’re interested!
I went for another easy run after lunch on Brodie Park. I spent the whole of the run thinking about what I’m going to say on Saturday. I felt quite emotional as I ran round Brodie Park!
So that’s September over as far as running goes. It’s not been a great month with nursing my foot injury but the big red line shows that I completed the RAW race which was the main objective for the month.
5.53miles in 46mins 41secs
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