Wedding Day

We had a good day yesterday. In the morning I finished of my Father of the Bride speech and prepared for the church service. Jono & Jo have asked me to marry them so I’m really looking forward to that.

In the afternoon we prepared the reception. The tables are looking good. In the evening we had a practice at the church and then families started arriving so it was all good fun.

Last night Katrina asked whether I fancied going for a run this morning so we set off just after 7.30am. It was a lovely morning and we chatted about the coming day as we ran.

I’ve just taken our girls down to their hair done so it’s all quiet in the house for a few minutes.

All the best to those running the Loch Ness Marathon tomorrow. My good friend John McLaughlin is hoping to break 3hrs again. I hope he does it!

Sat 2nd Oct Run Details
5.26miles in 49mins 53secs
with Katrina

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1 Response to Wedding Day

  1. Kaz says:

    Good luck for your daughter's special day. So wonderful you are able to do the celebration!

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