We didn’t get to bed until after 1am this morning after going to a friend’s 30th Wedding Anniversary Party so I didn’t set the alarm but decided if I woke around 8am I would run at 8.30am before church.

I woke just before 8am and toyed with myself for a while … I could run later but I knew that would be more difficult as we were having friends over for lunch as it is Hollie’s last Sunday before she heads off to Wetheringsett (nr Ipswich) for two months to start her GAP year programme. Or I could ditch the run altogether and run tomorrow. Or ….
So I got up at 8.15am and was out running by 8.30am. One I’d woken up and got into my stride I enjoyed my four loops of Brodie Park. As I write this up in the afternoon I’n glad I did run this morning as I’m pretty full after one of Katrina’s Sunday roast dinners!
Congratulations go to Richie Cunningham who won the Caesars Camp 100mile race this weekend. The course is a 10mile loop with 1,500ft of climb repeated 10 times. The web site is worth reading just for the humour! Here is Richie’s post on Facebook ….
Well done Richie … a very impressive performance. Richie took 2hrs 30mins off the previous course record!
Kilbarchan did well yesterday in the West District Cross Country Relays. I’ve posted lots of photos on our club web site.
5.54miles in 48mins 28secs
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2 Responses to Congratulations

  1. Kenneth says:

    Great result for Richie.

    I live about 20 mins away from Caesar's camp so wandered over this morning hoping to catch the leaders coming in but hadn't counted on Richie smashing the course record by so much.

    In the end I decided to run a lap of the course to see what it's like, with a view to entering next year. As Richie says, it's a brutal course. It feels as though you're always either going steeply uphill, or steeply downhill, with not too much in between.

  2. kate says:

    haha, not only is the website 'humorous', it's worth entering to actually meet henk and be insulted personally 😉 richie was super impressive. we were there supporting our friend, gaynor, who won the womens race and also smashed the record. think it's going to get very competitive next year!

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