Stob Binnein and Ben More

Yesterday Katrina climbed two Munros.

We left Paisley at 8.20am and were walking by 9.30am. Here is a map of the route I was planning ….

The problem was I parked the car about 2miles too early thinking I was at the start point but we were on the opposite side of Ben More!!

As we were walking I was saying to Katrina that I’d quite like to do a map reading course as I feel I need to brush up on my skills. After this walk I’m more convinced I need some help!

It amazing how I was able to convince myself I was on the right route even though the landmarks were not really tallying with the map!!

Any it took us (well me!!) about 2 hours to realise where we actually where and that was only because we met some other walkers who knew where they where.

So here is the route as actually did ….

We still went up Stob Binnein and Ben More but from a different route!

Here are some photos …

Start of the walk
We’d been walking for about two minutes when Katrina looked at my waterproof map bag and said where is your map? It had fallen out the bag and so I ran back to the car and there it was lying on the floor with my compass!!

View as we climbed up to Stob Bennein

Katrina almost at the top of Stob Bennein with Ben More in the background

Me on the top … the mist came down just as we got there!

Looking back to Stob Binnein (with no cloud cover) as we climbed Ben More.

This was the ridge we were supposed to be climbing!

Me on top of Ben More with fairly good visibility

The route down was very steep (see profile on route map)

View towards Crianlarich

Guest house in Crianlarich – excellent

About to enjoy my full Scottish breakfast!
Today we had a wander around Perth for an hour or so and then had a lovely lunch with Allybea before heading over to the Club La Costa resort near Auchterader to claim our ‘free holiday’.
Our representative spent two hours with us explaining all about the benefits of becoming members. Once it was clear we weren’t going to buy they gave us our holiday voucher and we were on our way.
Once home I’ve read through the small print and I worked out our ‘free holiday’ will cost at least £450 by the time you’ve paid the booking fee, airport taxes and bought flights for the extra two people. I suppose that’s still cheap for four people for a week to Portugal but not quite the ‘free holiday’ Katrina was offered on the phone.
But at least they gave us £50 of vouchers for Argos!
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3 Responses to Stob Binnein and Ben More

  1. The route is perfect and the view is great…

  2. I think you might have upset Katrina with your map reading. I've seen her looking happier 🙂

    See you tonight. I've remember to pack your gear.

  3. Chris says:

    Nice walk. I was in the Pentlands just outside Edinburgh yesterday and I could see those two hills clearly.



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