Running with Katrina and Caroline

We had a good time last night at Thomas & Silke’s house warming party. It was good to catch up with friends. We didn’t get home until after 2pm so an early morning run before church wasn’t really on.

We gave Caroline a lift and as she was keen to get a run in today as well we arranged to run together. I suggested 3.30pm so I could watch the Everton – Liverpool derby first and I’m glad I did as the toffees won 2-0. Yeh.

Initially we’d thought about going up and doing a circuit on the Braes but decided to do one of my 5mile loops which goes past Paisley Canal Train station instead.

It started a bit damp and was raining quite hard by the end but it wasn’t too cold and we all felt better for getting out and running. I thought Caroline was running well considering she’s not run much over the last year due to her plantar fasciitis injury. I hope she can slowly build up again and have a great 2011.
This week I’ve ran twice and had a day’s walking. I’m not going to achieve 2,000 miles this year but I’m not too bothered as I think it is more important to have a couple of months of easy running rather than chasing miles for the sake of it.
5.27miles in 49mins 42secs
(with Katrina & Caroline)
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2 Responses to Running with Katrina and Caroline

  1. Johann says:

    Yeah Everton! I used to chase miles for the sake of it, in fact I used to run for a club where we received prizes and medals for yearly totals. This was not good as I always did more than I should have. Definitely a wise choice to rather do some easy running. Have a good week!

  2. Anonymous says:

    yay!! go mum!! lol


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