An evening with Mark Beaumont

Tonight Katrina & I are having a night out … to the Odeon at Braehead to see a film called ‘Chasing Legends’ which is a documentary about Mark Cavendish and his Columbia team …

The blood, sweat and tears of the Tour de France in full HD is coming to
the big screen this month as the film “Chasing Legends” receives its
International Premiere on October 21, the film will be screened simultaneously
in 50 locations around the UK followed by a live video Q&A session with Mark
Cavendish, Phil Liggett and the film’s director, Jason Berry will be beamed via
satellite from London’s O2 Cineworld to each cinema.

The film chronicles the participation of the HTC Columbia team – and
notably Mark Cavendish’s role – in the 2009 edition and is cut together with
interviews with riders who are inextricably linked with the Tour, including
Eddie Merckx and Lance Armstrong.

I’ll tell you what it was like in a future post!

As the film starts at 8pm Katrina didn’t have enough time to go to her running club so we decided to have another run together before we went. We ran my Paisley Loop run but the opposite way round to the last time we did it.

It was quite windy and we also encountered some rain. Unfortunately both came at the same time plus we were climbing a hill!! But it was good to get out and have a run together.

Last night I was invited to listen to Mark Beaumont at Reid Kerr College, Paisley. I’ve bought tickets for his talk next Tuesday at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow organised by TISO but when the College rang me and asked whether I would like to come to represent Kilbarchan AAC I was very happy to accept.

The evening was organised by the College as a thank you to all the companies they work with. I had an opportunity to have a quick chat with Mark before he spoke and took the opportunity to get a photo!!!

Mark spoke for about 50mins and then took questions for another 30mins or so. It was very interesting listening to Mark speaking about the background to his first ‘major’ expedition when he cycled round the world in just under 195days breaking the world record by over 80 days.

It took him over 9months trying to get sponsorship and support to make his dream a reality. He reminded me a lot of Ellen MacArthur and her struggles to get help early on in her career. (BTW I’ve just finished her book ‘Full Circle’ which I’ll review sometime).

It is obvious that Mark loves adventures and doing new things. He did his first cycling trip when he was 11 yrs old cycling across Scotland in 3 days. He spoke about his trip around the world and his latest trip (June 09 – Feb 10) when he cycled the America’s and climbed the highest peaks (Mt McKinley and Aconcagua) at each end.

I think there are some tickets left for next Tuesday so contact TISO if you are interested.

The Q & A was interesting. Here are a few of the questions and Mark’s answers ….

Question: ‘Your world record for cycling round the world has now been broken. Are you going to try and recapture it?’

Answer: ‘No. For me the excitement is in doing new things and pioneering routes and expeditions that haven’t been done before. ‘

Mark went on to talk a bit about his plans for his next expedition but I’m not sure if it’s public knowledge yet.

Question (from me): Mark had explained in his talk that at the end of the round of the world trip it had taken him a few weeks before he could walk around freely and that one of the main challenges of the North to South America trip was whether he would be able to climb Aconcagua after cycling for 6months.

So I asked ‘How did you manage to stay ‘walking fit’ while cycling?’

Answer: ‘At the end of each day’s cycling I did a whole load of stretches and yoga to make sure my back was loose enough to be able to walk and thankfully with a lot of hard work I was able to achieve that.’

Question: ‘How do you train for your expeditions?’

Answer: ‘Before the round the whole trip I made sure I was really fit but by doing lots of different sports and classes. I hadn’t cycled 100miles in one day in training but made sure that all my ‘minor’ muscles were fit and ready so when the ‘major’ muscles you use for cycling start to hurt and breakdown the minor muscles that take over are ready.’

I found that answer very interesting as I tend to just run in preparation for my ultra races. Maybe I should be doing more cross training?

It was a really interesting evening and I’m looking forward to hearing him again next Tuesday. Mark said it will be a different talk so it will be worth coming again! I’ve also ordered his book from Amazon.

And yes if you’re wondering I did mention to Mark the West Highland Way Race!!!

Thurs 21 Oct Run Details
5.51miles in 51mins 28secs
(with Katrina)

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2 Responses to An evening with Mark Beaumont

  1. Anonymous says:

    “And yes if you're wondering I did mention to Mark the West Highland Way Race!!!”

    Would he qualify for entry?? 😉


  2. NORRY says:

    what was marks answer?

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