Review of Ellen MacArthur’s ‘Full Circle’

Today I went out for a run at lunch time from Bellahouston Leisure Centre. My foot has been feeling a lot easier so I’ve decided to run three times on the road this week and if it feels okay I’m going to go back to the club next Monday for our weekly Fartlek session.

I’m still waiting for my new insoles to arrive. I rang the hospital last week to check I hadn’t missed a letter. It seems that they are having some problems getting the materials so I’ll have a wait a bit longer.

I set off in the rain and it wasn’t too bad for the first 4miles or so but then the rain became heavier and heavier until I was running in a torrential downpour. Plus the wind was in my face!
I decided to do something a bit different today – alternate easy and hard miles. I thought I’d be happy with anything under 7mins mile pace for the two hard miles. My times for each mile were … 7.29, 6.45, 7.20, 6.44 and 7.35.
So I was pleased with that. My foot seemed to manage the faster pace but I’m really looking forward to being able to run again with any soreness.

I’ve been meaning to give a short review of Ellen MacArthur’s latest book, ‘Full Circle’ so I’ll do it now. I’ve been a fan of Ellen MacArthur for a number of years. Infact Katrina used to call her, ‘my other woman’ when I was reading her first book.

I really admire her determination, planning and focus on her round the world races. In her first book ‘Taking on the World’ Ellen wrote about her background, how she got into sailing and the Vendee Globe race which brought her into the public’s eye.

The book gives a real insight into how she went about getting sponsorship when no-one had heard of her and her quest for credibility in a male oriented sport.

In this latest book Ellen carries on the story from that point. She relates how she set out with her team on a five year plan to break a number of records culminating in her record attempt of sailing round the world in a catamaran.

I really enjoyed reading about her record sail as the book is very honest about the struggles and loneliness of sailing on your own. It really is an amazing feat to sail such a massive boat on your own through all sorts of weather and conditions.
The rest of the book is Ellen sharing about where she is at now. Ellen explains the thinking about why she has given up ocean sailing to devote herself to two main areas.
The first area is the Ellen MacArthur Trust where she helps children who are suffering with cancer go on sailing trips where they have great fun and gain self confidence.
The second area is the Ellen MacArthur Foundation where she is pouring all her energy helping business and education inspire people to re-think, re-design and build a sustainable future.
The book is a really good read which I enjoyed.
Finally congratulations to Dave and Simon who finished 9th in the elite category in the OMM. A great performance – well done. If you want to see their route click here. Click on elite and find Simon and Dave.
5.72miles in 41mins 25secs
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