October review

Another lunch time run today. Thankfully this time it wasn’t in the pouring rain. I ran my normal Pollok Park loop and felt good.

My October stats are looking a bit pathetic …

I ran 12 times for a measly total of 64.66miles. Ah well I had decided to have an easy month or two to allow my body in general and my foot in particular to recover and get ready for next year’s training and races.

Here is a summary of my runs in October if you are at all interested!!
I’m not obsessive about my weight but I do jump on the scales every now and then and see where I’m at. I reckon my ‘racing weight’ is just over 12st and when I’m running 50-60miles a week it normally hovers around 12st 4lbs.

At the weekend I weighed 12st 13lbs so my reduced mileage has had an affect on my weight. Either that or it’s the extra food I’ve been treating myself with!! Probably a combination of the two.

So for November I’m going to add in an extra day running and cut back on the puddings and we’ll see if it makes any difference. A number of friends have been challenging themselves to run every day in November and December.

As much as I’d like to join them, for me, my rest days are really important so I’m afraid that’s one challenge I’ve decided not to join but I wish all those doing it every success!
5.70miles in 42mins 26secs (7.27pace)
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2 Responses to October review

  1. Johann says:

    If I reduce mileage my weight can jump very quickly. Luckily my mileage is looking good and November and December will be high months for me (our summer). I have a 100k race on 8 January so I'll have to put in some distance. Have a good weekend.

  2. I only stand on the scales when I'm having a skinny day 🙂

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