First Fartlek session for 11 weeks

While my foot is still not 100% (I’m still waiting for my new insoles to arrive) but I decided to go back to the club tonight as ….

1. I really miss the Monday night club runs
2. I want to add in a 4th run per week in November
3. I felt my foot could cope.

It was my first Fartlek run at the club since Monday 23rd August … 11 weeks ago. Since completing the RAW I’ve ran 3 times a week between 5-6miles so I knew tonight’s 9mile or so would be a good test.

It was really good to be back and catch up with friends. They said they’d missed me but I’ve lost my job on the watch!! Christina is doing a great job without me.

I was determined to run steady and not do anything silly. I’m pleased to report that I kept to that and ran within myself though each time Donald and John McL went by I did try and hang on for a while.

Callum Matthews is running really well and it was fun watching John McMillan trying to stay with him!

Anyway here was the session and my times and distances ….

I’m quite happy with that for my first week back.
Mon 8th Nov Run Details
9.51miles in 1hr 19mins 43secs
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