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I wasn’t able to get out for a run this lunch time which was a shame as the weather was perfect for a run. So I went out once I got home.

My foot had been a bit sore yesterday after Monday night’s Fartlek session but it felt a lot easier today so I did an easy 5mile run on the road. It felt fine so that was good news.

The other good news I received today was a letter from Royal Alexandra Hospital with an appointment to have my new insoles fitted. The bad news is that it’s not until Friday 26th November. I’m going to ring them tomorrow and see if I could have an earlier appointment but at least I know they are coming.

I realised the other day that Motionbox is no longer hosting my race videos. I knew it was closing but thought that videos already posted would be still available. Since no-one has told me the links are no longer working I assume no-one has missed them!!

But being the sort of person I am I like the links to work so if anyone did want to watch them again (or for the first time) they can. So I’ve uploaded them to Vimeo. I’ll correct the links down the right hand side asap.

So here are the links of race videos I’ve done of my ultra races ….

whw 2007

whw 2008 part 1

whw 2008 part 2

whw 2009

whw 2010

Highland Fling 2007

Highland Fling 2008

Highland Fling 2009

Highland Fling 2010

Devil 0′ the Highland 2009

Hardmoors 110mile 2009

Hardmoors 55mile 2010

Saintelyon 2009

Cateran Trail 2010

I’m really pleased I’ve done these videos as they are a great record to look back on. I watched a few of them last night and they bring all the memories flooding back.
Finally I came across Andy Dubois’ blog today and in particular his race report from the recent Hardmoors 110 mile race which he won. It’s well worth a read.
I think it’s great that the likes of Jez Bragg, Stuart Mills, Richie Cunningham and Andy in the UK and folks like Anton Krupicka and Geoff Roes in the US write up such full reports of their races. I find it really interesting to read what it’s like at the very sharp end of an ultra race.
Basically I’ve decided they go through very similar emotions and ups and downs as I do but they just go a lot quicker!!
5.25miles in 40mins 22secs (7.42pace)
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2 Responses to Race Videos

  1. Johann says:

    Thanks, I'll be watching some videos tonight. I agree, the runners at the front of an ultra experience the same as we do.

  2. Colin Hardie says:

    Hi John,
    Training to take part in my first ultra next year. Going to be running (or should I say walk/crawling) the Highland Fling. I did notice that a couple of your videos were unavailable so I must thank you for making them all available again….they are a fantastic source of information. Having never been near the West Highland Way they are giving me an insight as to what sort of terrain to expect on the day (although I am going to try and get a few training sessions in there before then).

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