S2S ultra

My regular routine over the last few weeks on a Sunday morning has been to be up and out for a run before church. Today was no exception and I decided to run a bit further than last week so left just before 8am.
I ran just over 9miles at a steady pace. It was good to get out and enjoy the quiet roads and paths. I ran without gloves which was fine for most of the run but my hands needed warming up in the shower when I got home.
I started off nice and easy for the first couple of miles and then gradually upped the pace a little. I was really pleased with how my foot felt. It is definitely getting easier. So I’ve ran just over 30miles this week and felt a bit more like a runner rather than a jogger!
As I write lots of runners will be making their way from Kinlochleven to Tyndrum as part at Dr Andrew Murray’s Scotland 2 Sahara run. I hope everyone is enjoying the run and encouraging Andrew on his epic trip.
He is planning to run 2650 miles in 85 days. You can follow his progress on his web site …

I finished ‘Once a Runner’ by John L Parker Jr last night. To be honest I was a bit disappointed with it. There were some great chapters especially near the end but I never really got into it somehow. Maybe I should read it again sometime now that I know what it’s about.
At least it means I can start reading Mark Beaumont’s book , ‘The man who cycled the world.’ I think I know what this one is all about!
9.10miles in 1hr 09mins 37secs
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One Response to S2S ultra

  1. Johann says:

    Good to hear your foot is getting better! I must get into reading again. Haven't completed a book in a very long time. Have a good week!

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