Monday night … it must be Fartlek night

I like routines and I’ve really missed not running on a Monday night with the Club so it was good to be back again for the second week in a row. Another week or two and it will feel like a routine again!

I was looking forward to tonight as last week I was happy just to run the distance and not push too hard. This week I decided to up the effort a bit without going silly.
It had a been a really cold day but it wasn’t too bad in the evening. I would rather start cold, knowing that I’ll soon warm up once we really get going.
There was a good group out tonight and I had people to chase and there were others chasing me! At one point I was very happy to be keeping up with Christina but then I remembered she said she was taking it easy tonight!
It was good to see Chris McL and Neil F out tonight. They are both running the Saintelyon in three weeks time. I really enjoyed running that last year and would love to do it again one year!
So another interesting session. Here are the figures …
A consistent effort right through the session which is what I’m after.
9.05miles in 1hr 15mins 47secs
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