Climbing and running

This morning I had the opportunity to visit the Glasgow Climbing Centre with my South West Active School’s colleagues. We had a tour round the facility and then had a go at climbing some of the walls. It was good fun and gave us some ideas of how we can encourage some of our schools to have a go.

I received a letter from the RAH (Royal Alexandria Hospital) yesterday saying that there had been a cancellation and so my appointment is for tomorrow to have my new insoles fitted. I rang the secretary to thank her and she said she was going to hit me if I couldn’t make it! It’s good to know I’m on joking terms with the lady who sorts out the appointments!

So today was my last run with my old worn out insoles. Plus I’ve bought some new running shoes as well. I’m so looking forward to seeing what difference the new ones make. I remember when I got these ones about 2 years ago. I tried them on and the pain below my toes disappeared as the insoles took the pressure off my toes.

I’m hoping there will be a similar effect this time. I’ll be running with them on Friday so I’ll let you know how I get on in case anyone is remotely interested!!

I ran after work today but decided to run from Bellahouston rather than go home and then run. Not sure why that felt easier but it seemed to make sense.

I really enjoyed my run. I ran nice and steady and was really pleased how good my legs felt after the run. I spent the whole time thinking about next year’s training and in particular the monthly training runs on the whw. I can’t wait to get back on the route and test myself again.

Finally if you have not been on Debs’ blog today you must see the video she has put on of Marco trying out his new rollers. I won’t say anymore …. check it out!

I watched it before work this morning and it brightened up my day.

6.34miles in 48mins 31secs (7.40pace)
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4 Responses to Climbing and running

  1. allybea says:

    I'm going climbing at Ratho on Fri night. I have vertigo and hate heights so it's definitely a personal challenge.

    Hope your new insoles make a difference.

    Ali x

  2. Make sure you get to your appointment on time. Paisley burds can pack a mean punch 🙂

    I'm still laughing at the video. Actually I was walking to work this morning killing myself laughing. Got a few strange looks, especially I was walking by myself!

  3. Andy Kerr says:

    He's looking down too much on the rollers, you really have to have faith and look out into the middle distance. I need to get some again, used to have them in Scotland, they're an awesome device. Those look like good ones with ramps on the end to stop you falling off too.

    I've been doing some climbing of late, the Ibrox wall looks great from my brothers photos.

    And… I've returned to some golf too, a long way from my playing peak but actually enjoying it for a change.

    Hope you're well John!

  4. Johann says:

    I'm keen to hear the difference with insoles and new shoes. How much mileage does your old shoes have?

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