Test run with the new insoles

I picked up my new ‘carbon-fibre’ insoles yesterday from the RAH. They have come just at the right time as I have 6 weeks to bed them in before the serious training starts on 1st January.

They are slightly different to the last pair I had in that they feel a lot sturdier and have a slightly raised heel. On the right foot there is a raised area which will take the pressure off my toes where I’ve had the pain.

You can also see where they have built up the area to support my ‘fallen’ arches.
I bought a new pair of road shoes a few weeks ago but have been saving them until the insoles came.
The information leaflet that I was given did say, ‘it is advisable to wear old shoes during the break in period.’ But it also says that,badly worn or broken down shoes will make the orthoses less effective.’
Last night I walked to the shops to try them out and I could definitely feel the difference. So I was looking forward to running with them.
So I decided to run a 2miles loop around the outside of Bellahouston Park and that way if I felt I needed to cut short the run I could without having to jog/walk to far back.
The weather was really nice this lunchtime and as I set off I could the difference on my foot. The raised area definitely takes the pressure off my toes. I decided to run steady for the first loop of 2.1 miles and was quite surprised when I looked at my watch and saw I’d ran it at 7.19pace.
I decided to push harder on the second lap and give my foot a ‘faster’ workout. I ran the second loop at 6.30 pace and my foot held up fine though I was breathing pretty hard!
I took it easy for the first bit of the third loop and then ran comfortably and again was surprised to see my average pace at 7.20.
The other really encouraging thing is that afterwards my foot felt fine. Over the last couple of weeks when I’ve finished a run my foot feels sore for a few hours. But not today. It’s not 100% yet but hopefully it won’t be too long before the pain is a thing of the past.
We are off to Inverness tomorrow afternoon after my swimming lessons. Sadly our car is still not fixed so we’ve hired a small van as Jo wants to borrow Katrina’s bike. I’ll take my running stuff and go for a run around Inverness on Sunday morning. Must make sure I pack my new shoes and new insoles.
6.31miles in 44mins 26secs (7.03pace)
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1 Response to Test run with the new insoles

  1. Thomas says:

    If the insoles do the trick that is excellent news John! I keep my fingers and toes grossed that you'll get back into your normal running routine.

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