Running in Inverness

We are not long back from a brief trip up to Inverness to visit Jo & Jono in their new flat. We left after my swimming lessons about 2.25 yesterday, arriving at 5.35pm. Sadly our car was not fixed in time (though it is now!) so we hired a small van as Jo wanted to borrow Katrina’s push bike.

It was great to see their flat. It’s really nice. I’ll put some photos on facebook. I also did a video round the flat but Jo made me promised not to publish that!!
Jo & Jono outside their flat in Inverness
This morning I was up early and out for a run. I left at 7.45am and it was still quite dark. I decided to run an out and back route to avoid getting lost. The out 5 miles was mainly downhill and I wasn’t too surprised to see my average pace at 7.17 but this meant that the back 5miles was mainly uphill with a tough climb at the 9mile mark so the overall average pace finished at 7.28.
Once again my foot was fine. One slight problem with the insole on my left foot is that it doesn’t quite cover the shoe so I’m ending up with a slight cut on the outside of my foot. I’m going to try and put a bit of tape on the insole and/or a plaster on my foot and see if that does the trick.
So that gives me another 30mile week. Quite happy with that at the moment.
We went to church with Jo & Jono which we enjoyed and then had a wander into Inverness before heading home. Even though it was brief we’re really glad we went to see where they are.
We’ve already booked our summer holiday. We’re planning to use their flat as a base to explore the Highlands.
10.13miles in 1hr 15mins 34secs (7.28pace)
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1 Response to Running in Inverness

  1. Johann says:

    Great to hear the running and the foot is progressing well. The summer holiday plans sound good! Have a great week!

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