Getting closer to 5miles

This was my third week back at the club on a Monday night. My main aim is to run steady through the whole session without pushing it too hard.

It was another interesting session tonight with a mixture of 1’s, 2’s and 3’s with some 90secs thrown in. When the longest rep is 3mins there should be a good chance to reach the 5mile mark for the 30 minutes.
Here are my stats ….
I felt I was working pretty hard throughout the session. The insoles are still rubbing the outside of my left shoe so still need to sort that out. Christina didn’t have her watch tonight so I was promoted to taking the session!! I’m not sure what it says about me but I enjoyed telling everyone when to run and when to stop!!
As soon as the session was over there was just enough time for a shower before heading over to Johnston for our 6 weekly club committee meeting. The timing of tonight’s meeting wasn’t the best as Everton were playing Sunderland and it would have been fun to catch the second half.
By the time I got home I was pleased to see that we had salvaged a draw and by all accounts could have snatched a victory.
9.86miles in 1hr 20mins 41secs
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1 Response to Getting closer to 5miles

  1. Great stats. Good to see a couple of 5s in there too. There's life in the old dog yet 😀

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