‘Writing a blog is good for your training’ – official

This morning I was helping another colleague run his cross country event. We had a beautiful morning and once again we had hundreds of Primary 6 & 7 boys and girls running the 0.82miles course.

We had lunch together afterwards so I decided to run after work. I decided to run on the cycle track as it means I don’t have to cross many roads. I used to do a lot of my runs out and back on this route but I’ve been on there from home for a while.

I decided to do a different session. So I alternated easy miles with faster miles. I was aiming for around 6.45pace for the faster ones and about 8.15pace for the easy ones. Here are the figures ..

So pretty happy with that. I’m planning to get up on the Braes for 12miles or so on Sunday morning.

Dave T sent me a text last night saying that there was an interesting article in Runner’s World about how blogging can help you training. Dave reckons I’m years ahead of my time!! Thanks Dave.

So I bought a copy and enjoyed the article. The author talked about a number of people who found keeping a blog really helped with their motivation, knowing that friends and strangers where following their progress.

For me, my motivation was initially wanting to share what I was learning about training for the West Highland Way Race in 2007. I didn’t know how to train for a 95miles race so decided to use my blog as a training diary and write down everything I learnt so hopefully others could learnt from my mistakes.

I thought it would just last a year or so but over four years later I still enjoy writing my blog and will continue to do so until I get fed up.

My blog doesn’t necessarily motivates me to run. I ran for over 20years before I started a blog but the thing I love about it is the friends I’ve made through it. For example I’ve never met Johann from South Africa or but love the fact that we can leave comments on each other’s blogs and encourage each other from a distance.

BTW – Johann, have a great race tomorrow!

I also enjoy reading how others are getting on and I’ve learnt so much from reading various posts. Plus I’ve had some great laughs reading and watching various posts.

I’ve also enjoyed sharing what’s going in my life through the blog (though Katrina might disagree with this point). Over the four years I’ve had two daughters get married, turned 50, celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary to name a few things.
Also I’ve appreciated friends support through tough times as well, as when my Dad died.

This year a number of people spoke to me at various ultra races and said how my blog motivated them to try an ultra or how it has helped them to prepare. I think comments like that have encouraged me to keep it going.

But to be honest even if no-one read it I would keep writing it as it provides a great record of all my training and races. I love the fact that I can reread my reports from various training runs and races and learn from them.

So if you have thought about starting a blog, read the article and set one up. I promise to read it and you’ll soon have lots of followers.

If you do write a blog I’d be interested to know whether you feel it helps you in your training?

Fri 26th Nov Run Details

7.05miles in 53mins 24secs
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5 Responses to ‘Writing a blog is good for your training’ – official

  1. Colin Knox says:

    Hi John,

    I have to credit you and your blog for getting me to run Ultras. Up until the fling in 2009 i had only been running 10K and Half Marathons. One day i came across the fling site while looking through race listings. I watched Murdos video clip and then yours (more than once!!) and that got me sucked into the 'ultra' world. I then read postings on your blog and your race reports and vid clips. I've run the Fling twice now, the d33 and for 2011 plan on doing 7 (!!) of the SUMS….its all your fault im glad to say. You 've got a knack for expressing what running an ultra is all about, capturing the hopes and dreams and the emotions involved in putting the body through hell and triumph. Ive actually printed off copies of most of your reports, which are required reading when i prepare for a 'long' run. Call it motivational reading. Anyway…..its a great blog and i bow humbly at your feet!!!!

  2. Thanks Colin … really appreciate that.

  3. You're not called John the Blog for nothing. Personally I credit Katrina for putting up with it.

    Enjoy your run on the Braes. Sorry, I can't make it this time, but one day…

  4. allybea says:

    Writing a blog has helped me in so many different ways. I started blogging 4 years ago at a time when I wasn't well. Dario encouraged me to write about my WHW backup experiences, partly cos some of the mistakes we made in the early days were hysterical and partly because it was clear that the internet was going to be a way of easily sharing info to help the newbies. This was pre forums.

    In the end I gained more from that blog than I ever expected. I found a family.

    And that family has helped me through the last 9 weeks 🙂

    Now I'm about to change my blog into a training blog to get me ready for my first triathlon next year. So I hope the theory works!

    Ali x

  5. xtine says:

    Hi John,

    Interesting post about blogging. Personally not many people (probably just yourself!!) read my blog from time to time but I keep at it (when I have the time) because it inspires me to keep running. Especially when I look back over older runs/races which I've done and really enjoyed, it always makes me smile!! It's also good to just get thoughts down.

    Reading other's blogs (including your own) has been great too…I don't think I would have attempted my own ultra if I hadn't been inspired by your experiences and a few others whom I've gotten advice off of through your blog.

    Keep up the good work (o:

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