Running with Marco

I had a text from Marco yesterday asking whether he could join me for a run on the Braes. We’d already arranged to run next Sunday on the Kilpatricks so this was a bonus.

I was supposed to be preaching at 11am so we arranged to get going by 7.45am. Snow had fallen in Paisley on Friday night and a fresh lot had come down on Saturday night.

We set off just after 7.45am as the light was getting brighter. It was great to run with Marco and we spent the whole run chatting about all sorts of things. I run a lot on the Braes and sometimes it’s a case of head down and work hard but today the miles flew by as we chatted and enjoyed the scenery.
Marco pointed out the Kilpatricks in the distance where we will be running next Sunday. Ben Lomond was in cloud which was a shame as it’s a great view from the top.
We averaged just under 9.45pace which I was very happy with. I’m feeling stronger than I thought I would be after reducing my mileage during October and November.
For the last 20mins of the run it started snowing again and it was pretty heavy by the time we finished. I arrived home to be told that the church service I was due to speak at had been cancelled due to the snow so I was able to have a relaxing cup of tea with Marco and chat a bit more.
So thank so much for another great run Marco. I look forward to next Sunday when you show me round one of your favourite training routes. I promised Marco I’d have this written by the time he got home. He said he’s read it in the bath with his ipad.
So I’ll leave you with the image of Marco lying in his bath holding his ipad above water reading about our run!!!
12.25miles in 1hr 57mins 59secs (9.38pace)
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3 Responses to Running with Marco

  1. Hey John,
    Thank you for a fab run this morning up the braes.
    Took me an hour to get home but was worth it. 🙂
    PS. My bath is brilliant.

  2. Want me to jump up and get a picture for you? 😀

  3. Colin Knox says:

    Hi John….Sorry i didnt get back to you in time about the Braes run…but i appreciated the offer though….hope you both enjoyed, which by the smiles on your faces…u did!!!!

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