Fartlek in the snow

The snow is still lying on the ground here in Paisley. Fortunately Katrina had an inservice day today so I could drop her off and then have the car for the day. I didn’t fancy riding the bike in this weather.

I turned up at the club for our weekly session wondering how many would come along. I thought we’d bound to be a few short but I was very surprised to see only Donald and myself changed and ready to run! Derek Parker, our coach wasn’t too impressed with the pitiful turnout either. It’s only a bit of snow guys!

Donald has the West Cross Country on Saturday so only wanted to do half a session so I’d be on my own for the second half.

We discussed where to run and decided to stay on the cycle track and while it was a bit slippy it wasn’t too bad. I wore my head torch but didn’t put it on as the snow lit up the path.

It was an interesting session but hard to really push the pace so I decided to take it steady and make sure I ran sensibly in the conditions.

Donald ran with me for the 4min 30sec (2times), 1min and the first of the 3min 30secs. So I ran the second 3min 30secs, 3min and the 4 times 2mins 30secs on my own. It’s amazing how much harder it is on your own but I tried my best!

Here are the figures ..

Mon 29th Nov Run Details
9.14miles in 1hr 15mins 29secs

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One Response to Fartlek in the snow

  1. Johann says:

    Totally unfamiliar conditions for me. I would not know how to run in snow.

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