Review of November

This morning I decided to run into work as Katrina needed the car and with a fresh layer of snow there was no way I was going on my motorbike. I know lots of people question my mentality but using my bike in the snow is out even for me.

So I left just after 7.30am and ran the six miles into work. It was lovely running on the freshly fallen snow. Obviously it’s difficult to get any speed up but just being out running was great. The closer I got to Glasgow the slippier it got though.

Cycle path along the River White Cart
I like the self timer on my camera! though it was struggling with the snow on the lens!
A bit further along the cycle track
Bellahouston Park

I wore my road shoes but regretted that. I think it would have been easier with my inov-8’s. The route I take follows the cycle track alongside the River White Cart. It was so peaceful and quiet running along the path.

I had a shower at Bellahouston Leisure Centre and then headed over to the school where I’m based to discover that all the Glasgow schools are closed today. The school stayed open for staff though so I was able to get some work done. It was very quiet though.

Review of November …

Summary of runs in November

After a very easy October when I ran three times a week for a total of 64.66miles it was good to up the mileage a bit in November, running four times a week for a total of 124.36miles.

I also finally got my new insoles and they made a difference straight away. So hopefully the pain in my foot is a thing of the past and I’m sure people will be glad not to have to read about it!

As you can see from the graph (below) of my runs I had a mixture of easy runs, fartlek sessions, tempo runs and a couple of longer runs. Sunday’s run with Marco was the longest I’ve run since the River Ayr Way Race in September.

I’ve really enjoyed my running in November as I’m taking the long term view at the moment and just wanting to get out and back into a routine. I’ve not been too bothered about pace or distance but I have been encouraged with some of my runs and how I’ve felt.

I would love an injury free seven months between now and the whw race in June. It’s all about building up slowly and reaching peak fitness on the day of the race. I reckon that’s as hard as the actual race itself.

It’s so easy to do too much too soon and end up injured or peaking too soon. I’m determined to take a long slow build up. For me January, February and March are my key months mileage wise and I’m looking forward to getting the training done in 2011.

I’m treating October to December as preparation for my real training for next year which will start on 1st January.

Here is a summary of all my runs so far in 2010.

In December I’m planning to run five times a week and have a longer run (18miles) with Marco on Sunday (weather permitting!!). Also our club, Kilbarchan AAC, have four races over the Christmas/New Year period so I’m aiming to run those.

Last year we had to cancel three out of the four dues to the weather. Hopefully we’ll do better this year but it’s not looking good at the moment.

I reckon I’ll be close to 1,900 miles for the year which is a few hundred down on the last two years but I’ve had more days off due to injury this year.

Wed 1st Dec Run Details
6.11miles in 57mins 07secs (8.42pace)

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