Running with Marco on the Kilpatricks

For a good few months Marco has been inviting me for a run on one of his favourite training routes … the Kilpatricks. I was finally able to accept feeling fit enough for an 18mile run and when we planned it Katrina was going to be away for the weekend.

Due to the weather Katrina didn’t go south in the end but my date was Marco was arranged so off I went. I left home just after 6.25am. There had been no more snow overnight but the lying snow had frozen so I was a bit concerned with how much ice there might be on the route.
I arrived at Marco’s before 7am and soon we were on our way to the car park where Marco starts this run from. Marco wasn’t sure whether we’d be able to do the full 18miles due to the snow but we were both happy to give it a go and see how we got on.
Here is the route we ran …

We set off in the dark just before 7.20am. There is a long climb to start with which helped warm us up. The sun had not quite come up by the time we reached the first trig point.
Even so we had a great view of Glasgow ….
It soon became apparent that it was going to be tough to run in the thick snow. So we resigned ourselves to keep moving as best we could knowing that it was all good training. I took lots of video clips which I’ll post asap. Hopefully it will give you an idea of the snow we ran through and why the first 6miles took us 2hrs!
Once the sun came up it was quite warm and gave some stunning views ….
This track should have been runnable but wasn’t today! …
The next photo was taken at the top of next hill. Ben Lomond is in the background …
This is the other side of that hill. Running down that hill in knee deep snow was good fun. At least when you fell over (which we did regularly if was a soft landing).
Marco was a perfect guide and even insisted on leading the way cutting holes in the snow for me to follow! Well I’m not sure he insisted I just made sure I was behind him!!
After almost 3hrs of wading through snow, running where we could and freezing our feet we came to a farm road and we were able to start some decent running again.
My feet were absolutely freezing and it took a good half an hour before I could feel them properly. Marco changed the route a bit on the way home. We went around the Whangie rather than over it but he was very keen that we still ran 18miles as that was what he promised me!!
The route goes along the whw route from Carbeth Cottages for a couple of miles and we met two groups of three female runners including Jill. We stopped for a chat and all them were raving about the Marcothon. It was like being with a celebrity.
It was good to get back to the car park after 4hr 25mins of running. We both agreed it had been a great run and was a really good work out. I’ll definitely be back for another run on the Kilpatricks.
We headed back to Marco’s for a shower, tea and toast (thanks Debs) and then I headed home. The highlight of my quick visit was Cairn getting all upset I was leaving! I had a nice cuddle and a wave as I drove away.
So watch out for the video …. coming soon
17.64miles in 4hrs 25mins 33secs

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6 Responses to Running with Marco on the Kilpatricks

  1. allybea says:

    Nutter!!! And nutter!!! xxx

  2. Sounds Like a great day out maybe someday i might just join you both over the course ( in the summer), well done.

  3. Great pictures, JK.

    Lovely to see you today.

  4. Johann says:

    Really great! I'm sure that was an excellent experience. Beautiful photos.

  5. Ali says:

    Sounds great John – running downhill through the snow is always great fun, no matter how hard it is to get to the top first. What was the WHW like at Carbeth – is there much snow on it? I'm hoping to run the section between Drymen and Milngavie next weekend.

  6. That sounds, and looks, like a great run in testing conditions – but well worth the effort in a beautiful winter landscape with a stunning sunrise to boot.

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