Lovely run in the snow

Today we were due to have a full team meeting at work but once it was cancelled I decided to take the day off so I could go and meet Hollie who was travelling on the overnight megabus from Birmingham. Surprisingly she arrived only two hours late.

Once we got home and I’d warmed up my feet I set off for a run. I decided to go on the cycle track as I thought that would be the best place for a safe run. It worked out well.

The 3rd mile was the softest snow and so the hardest to run on but the other miles were fine. I ran 5miles out, turned round and ran 5miles back making it a solid 10miles.

I decided to take my camera so are some pictures of my run …

Our house … I don’t think our car is moving anytime soon.

The route starts with a run up our road. The paths weren’t too slippy with my inov-8 roclites on.

After a mile I joined the cycle track. It was lovely running along with the snow on the trees.

This is the path after about 3miles. This bit was the softest/deepest snow of the run.

This is the 5 mile point where I turned round.

I’m now heading back the way I just came.

Back home 1hr 21mins later after my 10,22miles

Finally a picture of Chris (1229), Neil (1230), Seb (1228), Dominic (5559) and Patrick (791) taken before the Saintelyon race.

Chris and Neil finally arrived home today.
Chris wrote, ‘Finally back home after an epic journey to and from France with a bit of a gruelling Ultra in between thrown in for good measure! Think the best I can say about this one is ” we all finished, no injuries and we are all safe” as a group we actually only made the decision to run at 10pm on Saturday night, as we were fully prepared to abandon if we thought it was unsafe, as we were just not sure how bad it would be but the decision turned out to be the right one, especially for Patrick, Thierry and Neil who had never completed this one before.
Again thanks for all the good luck messages, as you know they really do make a difference.
What I will say is that the organisers and especially the Marshalls were incredible, standing out in -8 warning people if there was ice on the road, people coming out of their houses at 04.00 to offer hot tea and if anyone slipped or fell, immediately other runners would stop pick them up, walk with them and encourage them to run again.’
10.22miles in 1hr 21mins 36secs (8.00pace)
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1 Response to Lovely run in the snow

  1. Johann says:

    That's a great run in the snow! Beautiful photos!

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