Fartlek session

Tonight I was back at the club for our weekly fartlek session. We did the same session that Donald & I did two weeks ago. Tonight there were three of us in our group, Donald, Davie and myself.

The cycle track was really icy so we ran on the industrial road which gave us some grip but it was still quite slippy in some places.

This was my last chance to do some speed work before the club races over the Christmas/New Year period. We have four races spread out over 12 days as follows ..

Monday 20th December 2010 – 4.2ml Christmas handicap
This is run over a 2.1mile loop around Johnstone twice. We normally have about 35 taking part. The handicaps are designed that we all finish together but obviously it never quite works out that way!

For this year I’ve taken over working out the handicaps and with some help from Richard Beall I have a spread sheet which will take a recent race (say a 10k or 5k or previous Christmas Handicap) work out the average pace, use Riegal’s formula and work out what time you should finish the 4.2mile Handicap race in.

We’ll see how well it works! For this race everyone brings a prize and then the winner of the race chooses first and so on down to the final place.

Sunday 26th December 2010 – Christmas Road Relay at Kilbarchan Park
This race is run over a 1.6ml circuit at Kilbarchan Park. All those taking part are put into teams with the adults running 2 laps and the children running 1. My team has won twice in the last three years so I’m hoping for a good team that will challenge for the honours!

It’s really good fun and we normally have about 6-7 teams of 5-6 runners.

Monday 27th December 2010 – Marshall Moor Race
This race is a cross country type race but without a set course. We start from Kilbarchan Park and have to run to the trig point on Marshall Moor and back using a different route up and down and keeping off the road as much as possible. Donald has worked out the best line but there are various options.

The route is aprrox 6.5miles as long as you don’t get lost (which I’ve done at least twice!). We normally have about 12 hardy folks running this one.

Friday 31st December 2010 – Donald Crawford Cup 11ml and Ballot team race
This is by far the toughest of the four races. The route involves a lot of climbing especially the first 2-3miles out of Kilbarchan. Again I’ll be doing the handicaps so need to make sure I don’t win otherwise I’ll be sacked!!

On a good year we get about 15 running which includes some guests so if you fancy it let me know.

Last year we had to cancel three out of the four so we are hoping to be able to do better this year. We completed the Marshall Moor last year in the thick snow. I sort of regretted it as I fell going over a gate and cracked a rib or two which was pretty painful!

Anyway back to tonight’s session. Here are the facts and figures ….

Mon 13th Dec Run Details

9.21miles in 1hr 11mins 42secs
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