Yaktrax Review

Another icy day here in Glasgow so decided to try out the Yaktrax Pro’s that arrived the other day. When I ordered them there was only medium so I bought those. Medium is up to size 9 so I was hoping they would be okay.

Here is the box they arrived in ….

and the product from the box ….

I wasn’t sure how they feel to run with when there isn’t any snow so I decided to carry them in my bum bag for the 1.5mile run to Pollok Park. I then stopped to put them on and ran for about 4miles in the park before taking them off and running the 1.5mile back to Bellahouston Leisure Centre.

I took some photos and video clips and put them together to give you an idea of what they are like (lasts about 3mins) …..

John Kynaston reviewing Yaktrax Pro from John Kynaston on Vimeo.

I must say I was very impressed. I ran this route yesterday and was slipping and sliding and having to find bits of better ground to the side of the path to run on but today I could run down the middle and felt confident.

It took a few minutes to have confidence that they were going to do the job but once I was used to them I ran without any fears. The only time I had to be cautious was going down a steep path which was sheet ice. Without them I couldn’t have even walked it so they still did their job.

The guy I asked to do the video clip of me running said he’d seen me run by on my first loop and couldn’t work out how I was staying upright. I also saw another runner going the other way struggling to keep his footing.

Yaktrax Pro are available from http://www.yaktrax.co.uk/ for £19.95. Maybe I should ask for a commission? Maybe this could be my new job!!

Fri 17th Dec Run Details
7.16miles in 54mins 16secs (7.36pace)

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6 Responses to Yaktrax Review

  1. Glad you like the Yaktrax John, otherwise I'd have felt awful after recommending them to all and sundry!
    I reckon they're well worth the money and should hopefully keep us upright throughout the snowy weather.

  2. Johann says:

    Thanks for this John! I've been hearing and reading about Yaktrax a lot but have never seen them in action. I'll never need them here in SA but good to know how they work. Have a great weekend!

  3. Good stuff John!

    I can't believe you gave your camera to someone in Pollock Park and they didn't run off with it! ;o)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the great review on the Yaktrax. We are delighted that you love the product! Thanks for letting your friends know how to stay safe on the ice and snow for their runs! Also tell them to check us out on Facebook/yaktrax.

    Happy Trails–
    Mike – Yaktrax Team

  5. Colin Knox says:

    Hi John…they look great just what i need!!

    I'm heading up to Tiso after work on saturday to get a pair.

    Colin K

  6. Colin Hardie says:

    Picked mines up from Tiso yesterday and can't wait to get out and try them after watching your video.

    They are proving to be pretty popular, every person in the queue in the shop had a box (and my mate who bought a pair a few weeks ago said the same)…must be this years 'must have' running/walking gadget…especially with the weather we have been having!

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