Boxing Day Run

Sadly we had to cancel our Club Boxing Day Relay due to the snow and ice.

So, with the family heading off to Silverburn for some sales shopping, I went out for a nice easy run. I wore my Yaktraxs over my inov-8’s as I’ll be wearing them tomorrow for our Marshall Moor race and wanted to try them out.
A good run with the only talking point was nearly getting knocked over by a car. My fault … didn’t look before I stepped out to cross the road. The driver wound down his window and it wasn’t to wish me a merry Christmas! I apologised and ran on … quick!
We had a great day yesterday. All the family came over plus my Mum is up for the week from Liverpool. Up at 8.30am, opened presents, breakfast then after church we had some soup before a few games, more presents when Jo & Jono and Laura & Josh arrived. We had our Christmas dinner at 4.40pm then spent the evening playing lots of games.
One of the most popular was Jungle Speed which is basically a glorified snap but ruthless and demands very quick reflexes! Emma reckons mine are slowing and says she going to play this with me every day until they improve!!!
I forgot to get a picture when we ate but this is us in the evening.
and a more relaxed one …
The family were very good to me and here are two of my favourite presents.
I’ve used the smaller Nathan with just one water bottle a lot but was keen to get the Nathan Elite with two water bottles. Hopefully that will help on the whw so I won’t get caught without enough water ….
One of my favourite board games is Risk and our game had become really battered and worn with use so we now have a new one. They have revamped the game with different rules and missions. It’s really good …. though I didn’t win either of the games we played!!
Do you like my new jumper? Also a Christmas present!
6.54miles in 50mins 26secs (7.43pace)
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  1. Great pictures, JK. (belated) Merry Christmas to Team Kynaston. See you Wednesday 🙂

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