Marshall Moor Race

This is the third of our traditional Kilbarchan AAC Christmas/New Year Races. Sadly due to the weather it’s the first one we’ve been able to run.

I love this race. We start at Kilbarchan Park and the rules are we have to run to the trig point on Marshall Moor (the highest point in the area) and back keeping off roads as much as possible and we must come down by a different route.
Over the year Donald has perfected the best route up and down and I’ve always heeded his advice. I’ve ran the race for the last three years and have managed to wander off the optimum line on the way down each time so I tried to study the map before I set off today.
The snow is starting the thaw today but I decided to wear my Yaktrax’s as I thought it would be snowy/icy off road which is where we had planned to be for most of the 6miles.
There were 13 of us who braved the elements and ran the race. We went off in groups with the fastest last. I started with Davie, Stevie, Callum and Euan with Donald, James & Bobby 5mins after us.
I stayed with the younger guys Callum and Euan until the top and then they shot off. I got slightly lost on the way up but found my way back down okay this year.
It was a great race. Results and more photos to come but here is a group photo of all the runners ….
5.99miles in 58mins 39secs
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  1. Davie says:

    Bleeding again I see!

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