2010 Mileage

Now that 2010 is over I’ve finished my spreadsheets and analysed my running.

Here is a summary of 2010 ….
I ran 226 times for a total mileage of 1,934.79miles
A bit annoying to not quite make 2,000miles but October was a poor month due to my foot injury so I decided not to increase my mileage in November and December just for the sake of reaching a number.
I had 153 rest days of which 20 were due to injury
Those good at maths will realise that 226 & 153 don’t add up to 365. Some days I ran twice and if I had a warm up before a race I counted twice to put it in different categories!
Breakdown of my runs
My monthly average over the year was 161.23 and my weekly average was 36.52
Here is a graph of my monthly totals compared to last year when I ran 2,325miles
March – low due to my fall and broken ribs.
July – on holiday in Thailand
Aug/Sept – last year I was training training and running the Hardmoors 110 so mileage higher
Oct – low due to foot injury
So fairly happy overall with my effort over the year. If I could could have one running wish for 2011 it will be that I’m injury free and able to run all my planned training runs and races.
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2 Responses to 2010 Mileage

  1. Chris says:

    All the best for 2011 John.

    God bless you and your family this year


  2. kate says:

    it's been a real pleasure and an education reading your blog during the year. good luck with the training and i look forward to reading about your whw 🙂

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